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At Bonn — current

  • This semester (Wintersemester 2018/2019) I am lecturing the course V4D1 — Algebraic Topology I
    - Course webpage.
    - Outline of lectures 1–16 (pdf). Lectures 17–18 (pdf).
    - Webpage in basis.
  • Next semester (Sommersemester 2019) I will be running a bachelor-level seminar on Braid groups and configuration spaces. I will upload the schedule for this in January 2019. The preliminary meeting will take place in SR 0.011 at 18:15 on Tuesday 22 January 2019.

At Bonn — past

At Münster (2013–2015)

  • Übungsgruppenleiter (≅ class tutor) for the course "Topologie 3" taught by Michael Weiss.
  • Übungsgruppenleiter (≅ class tutor) for the Knot Theory course in SoSe (summer semester) 2013.
  • I was briefly a substitute lecturer for one lecture of this [link] topology course.

At Oxford (2009–2012)

  • Class tutor for the undergraduate Algebraic Topology course at Oxford.
  • Teaching assistant for the undergraduate Lie Groups and Topology and Groups courses at Oxford.
  • Tutor for various first and second year algebra courses at St John’s College and at Merton College.

Bachelor and Master students (at Bonn)

  • Lara Glessen (B) — Linearity of the braid groups — submitted June 2017
  • David Göckede (B) — The Alexander and HOMFLY polynomials via Markov functions — submitted January 2018
  • Genta Latifi (M) — Vertical configuration spaces and homological stability — submitted December 2017
  • Christopher Fillmore (M) — Mapping class groups and homological stability — current
(M) = Master
(B) = Bachelor