Martin David Palmer -- Preprint -- Lawrence-Bigelow representations, bases and duality
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Lawrence-Bigelow representations, bases and duality
with Cristina Anghel
(v1: 2020)

arXiv: abspdf


We study homological representations of mapping class groups, including the braid groups. These arise from the twisted homology of certain configuration spaces, and come in many different flavours. Our goal is to give a unified general account of the fundamental relationships (non-degenerate pairings, embeddings, isomorphisms) between the many different flavours of homological representations. Our motivating examples are the Lawrence-Bigelow representations of the braid groups, which are of central importance in the study of the braid groups themselves, as well as their connections with quantum invariants of knots and links.

Here are the notes of a talk that I gave, based on the results of this paper, on 2 December 2020 at the Moscow-Beijing topology seminar.