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Upcoming talks

  • The colored Jones function, Vassiliev invariants and the Melvin-Morton-Rozansky expansion of the colored Jones polynomial — 24 April 2018 — Part of a workshop in Matemale (Pyrénées-Orientales) on the topic "Computing the colored Jones polynomial by using solvable Lie algebras"
  • At the Workshop for Young Researchers in Mathematics, IMAR, Bucharest — 18 May 2018. "Homology of moduli spaces of submanifolds". Abstract: pdf.
  • At the satellite meeting Braid groups, configuration spaces and homotopy theory of the ICM, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil — 23–27 July 2018. "Homological stability for moduli spaces of disconnected submanifolds". Abstract: pdf.

Past talks — at seminars

(List incomplete before 2013)

Past talks — at conferences

(List incomplete before 2013)

Slides from some of the above talks

(General disclaimer: these slides were only intended to make sense when combined with me talking about them)