Martin David Palmer -- Publication -- Homology stability for asymptotic monopole moduli spaces
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Homology stability for asymptotic monopole moduli spaces
with Ulrike Tillmann

Proceedings of the Royal Society A vol. 479 (2023) Article number: 20230300 (16 pp.)
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We prove homological stability for two different flavours of asymptotic monopole moduli spaces, namely moduli spaces of framed Dirac monopoles and moduli spaces of ideal monopoles. The former are Gibbons-Manton torus bundles over configuration spaces whereas the latter are obtained from them by replacing each circle factor of the fibre with a monopole moduli space by the Borel construction. They form boundary hypersurfaces in a partial compactification of the classical monopole moduli spaces. Our results follow from a general homological stability result for configuration spaces equipped with non-local data.